• February 16, 2019
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      President Trump shut down large portions of the government Dec. 22 after refusing to back down from his demand that Congress give him $5 billion to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. 

      Funding for several government agencies ran out as Trump refused to back a deal that would have kept the government running through Feb. 8, 2019 but would not have provided funding for a border wall.  

      Our union is urging Trump and Congress to come to an agreement, re-open our government, and pass long-term spending bills that include a 1.9% pay raise for federal employees in 2019. 

      “Federal employees want to go to work. They believe in their mission and want to provide quality services to the American people,” said AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. “But now, 420,000 of them will report to work on Monday and won’t get paid for it. More than 380,000 employees will be locked out of work without pay. This is the third shutdown of the year, and it’s no way to run our country.”  

      Failing to fund the government even for a day has real-world consequences. The 2013 shutdown lasted 16 days, cost American taxpayers $24 billion, and caused valuable work to grind to a halt. Hundreds of cancer patients, for example, were prevented from enrolling in NIH clinical trials. 6,300 children were denied access to Head Start programs for up to 9 days. 1,200 EPA site inspections were canceled. 1,400 OSHA inspections to prevent workplace fatalities and injuries were stopped.  

      “Every day that this shutdown continues, more Americans will begin to feel the effects as federal offices close their doors to the public, the government stops paying its bills, and hundreds of thousands of government workers no longer get paid,” Cox added.

      For the latest on the shutdown, visit www.afge.org/shutdown

      The results are in from the OSHA VP election.  Members can log in to the website to see the tally on the member home page.

      Attention Members:  Steward Elections in December 2018

      For all members interested in becoming a steward in AFGE Local 2139, there is an announcement regarding the elections on the member home page.  Please register for the website and find out how you can be the next steward in your office.

      If you are a member and you are looking for election information you will need to log in to the website.  The information is posted on the Member Home page, which is behind the firewall.  If you have never registered, it only takes a few minutes.  If there is a problem with registration, please email Recording Secretary Jacob Wiles at jacobwiles1@gmail.com.  

      Unions’ Approval Rating Hits a 15-Year High

      September 14, 2018

      Despite corporations’ and politicians’ jointed efforts to cripple unions and union members, unions in America have enjoyed steady public support over the past decade.  

      Here are some of the highlights from the latest Gallup poll released last month: 

      Recent AFGE News:

      Closure of FLRA Dallas Office Leaves Fed Employee Rights in Jeopardy

      September 17, 2018

      The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) is a tiny agency tasked with resolving labor-management issues involving more than 2 million federal employees. These issues range from unfair labor practices (ULP) to arbitration appeals to union elections. Federal employee unions go to the FLRA to challenge agencies’ unfair practices or failures to follow their own policies, among other things. But office closures across the country are leaving workers without a place to turn. 

      Read More

      Why Your Coworkers Need to Join Our Union Now

      With all the new anti-federal employee laws, pending bills, and Executive Orders, you may feel federal employees are the sole target of politicians. In reality, these politicians have been coming after all working people for decades.  

      The all-out war on working people was started because of the fear and greed of big business: Unionized workers have bargaining power to negotiate for better wages, health care, retirement, working conditions – basically a better life. But that better life for workers cut into the profits of big business. 

      To get richer on the back of workers, these business interests have their allies in Congress and state capitals around the country do their dirty work for them. Big business supplies politicians with campaign contributions. Politicians churn out anti-worker laws restricting our rights and efforts to form and join a union.  

      But with our collective voice, we can fight back and win! 

      Working people need each other now more than ever. Those who have a union in their workplace but haven’t joined need to join because our power lies in standing together and using our collective voice. When we stand together, we win! 

      Need proof/an inspiration? 

      The teacher unions, which face the same verbal and real attacks like we do. Teachers are overworked, underpaid, and very much vilified. States freely cut taxes for the wealthy, then try to balance the budget by slashing teachers’ pay and retirement. That’s why teachers from West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, and Virginia raised their collective voices loudly and took to the streets to demand a raise and respect. They pushed back and made good gains on their pay and funding for education. These teachers are an inspiration to us all. 

      Join us today! 

      If your coworkers haven’t joined our union, ask them to join us today.  

      We have started our #RedForFeds campaign to begin building the movement until we have every federal and DC government employee standing up together and collectively demanding that they be respected, their rights be protected, their pay be improved and the worksites be better places to work. So join us today!  

      What's New at AFGE Local 2139
      Download: AFGE Stewards training 7-26-16.pptx
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